Spinoff Fundraiser for  Scripps Cancer Center
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Spinoff Fundraiser for Scripps Cancer Center

Muffy Walker, Anne and Chuck Dick, Jeanne Larson, Evva Fenison (Vincent Andrunas)
Eileen Rodgers, Rick Ladt and Vickie Curd Ladt, Karen Dow, Lisa Walters (Vincent Andrunas)
George and Abeer Hage (she’s live auction chair), John Engle (with auction Labradoodle puppy), Jane and Phil Carroll (she was honoree last year) (Vincent Andrunas)
Stacy Lindsey, Sharon and Skeets Dunn, Linda Howard, Lori Goetz (Vincent Andrunas)
George and Hélène Gould (event sponsors), Dr. Bill Stanton (medical director of the oncology care line at Scripps Health), Robin Rady (event chair), Dr. Jim Sinclair (medical director, Stevens Division of Scripps Cancer Center), Dr. Michael Kosty (medical director, Scripps Green Cancer Center) (Vincent Andrunas)
Miriam Smotrich, Carrie Woodland, Melissa Wilkins, Teri Valentina, Marjan Daneshmand (Vincent Andrunas)
Kona Alkhatib, Nancy Kidder, Rita Szczotka, Susanne Rohrbaugh, Tina Peoples (Vincent Andrunas)
Jan Davis, Ben Schulman, Sharon and Bernie Zeichner (Vincent Andrunas)
Lester Machado, Tonya Torosian, Sheila Fortune, Deborah Marengo, Rob Pedersen (Vincent Andrunas)
Judy Churchill (Scripps Health board chair), Lois Stanton, Gary Fybel (CEO, Scripps Memorial La Jolla), Mo and Charlie King, Dave Williams (head of planned giving for Scripps Health Foundation) (Vincent Andrunas)
Dan and Brooke Koehler, Teresa and Randy Cundiff, Dan Gallivan, Maya Pring (Vincent Andrunas)
Esther Nahama, Richard Forsyth and Kate Leonard, Peter Manes and Yoko Sakaguchi, Jerry Heller (Vincent Andrunas)
Marilyn Fletcher, Richard Aguirre, Vernon Aguirre, Rosemary and Tom Rodger (Vincent Andrunas)