The San Diego Museum of Art celebrates Art Alive 2015
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The San Diego Museum of Art celebrates Art Alive 2015

Premiere Dinner chairs Sheryl White, Valerie Cooper, and Dr. Laurie Mitchell (Vincent Andrunas)
Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky (Vincent Andrunas)
Hélène and George Gould (Vincent Andrunas)
Maritza Diaz, Dolores Clark (Vincent Andrunas)
Anita Feldman (SDMA deputy director and chief curator), John and Toni Bloomberg (Vincent Andrunas)
Rich and Lynda Kerr (Vincent Andrunas)
Valerie Cooper (Premiere Dinner chair), Rich and Lynda Kerr (Vincent Andrunas)
Lynne and Rob Hayes (he’s SDMA board president), Roxana Velazquez (SDMA executive director), Dieter Fenkart-Froeschl (SDMA COO), Anita Feldman (SDMA deputy director and chief curator) (Vincent Andrunas)
Ken Widder and Jacki Johnson-Widder, John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo, Frank and Demi Rogozienski (the ladies are all Bloom Bash chairs) (Vincent Andrunas)
Leo and Emma Zuckerman (Vincent Andrunas)
Blanca Uribe, René van Rems (event designer), Toni and John Bloomberg, Carolina Hernandez and Tom Gildred (Vincent Andrunas)
John and Sally Thornton (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Karen Cohn, Doris and Peter Ellsworth, Nina and Bob Doede (Vincent Andrunas)
George and Hélène Gould, Harry and Valerie Cooper (she’s a Premiere Dinner chair), Karen and Don Cohn (Vincent Andrunas)
Buzz and Helen Kinnaird, Al Williams, Jeri and Dr. Elliot Hirshman (Vincent Andrunas)
Steven Rosenberg, Rusti Bartell (Vincent Andrunas)
Becky Robbins, René van Rems (event designer), Rusti Bartell, Steven Rosenberg (Vincent Andrunas)
Brent Woods and Dr. Laurie Mitchell, Harvey and Sheryl White, Valerie and Harry Cooper (the ladies are Premiere Dinner chairs) (Vincent Andrunas)
Roy and Joanie Polatchek (Vincent Andrunas)
Michael and Susanna Flaster, Thomas Melody (VP/GM Neiman Marcus), Julie and Tom Karlo (Vincent Andrunas)
Frank and Demi Rogozienski (she’s a Bloom Bash chair) (Vincent Andrunas)