Bishop’s gala raises funds for scholarships, teacher training
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Bishop’s gala raises funds for scholarships, teacher training

Bishop’s Head of School Aimeclaire Roche (standing left) with gala co-chairs Susie Piegza, Kathryn Hamon and Juliann Ford (Jon Clark)
Dawn Calvetti (Dave Siccardi)
Ray Faltinsky (Dave Siccardi)
Dirk Kantak and Nellwyn Voorhies-Kantak (Dave Siccardi)
Holly Holden, Nettie Keck and Stephani Clough (Dave Siccardi)
Althea Lee and Juli Oh (Dave Siccardi)
Donna Walker and Mark Pulido (Dave Siccardi)
Santiago and Cecilia Aguerre with Teresa and Harry Hixson (Dave Siccardi)
Nora and Alex Kaiser with Lauren Hardy (Dave Siccardi)
Amy and Brian Dyson (Dave Siccardi)
Heidi Kuhn, Sherri Manoogian and Jennifer Greenfield (Dave Siccardi)
John and Martha Eggemeyer (Dave Siccardi)
Reid Abrams and Micky Olin (Dave Siccardi)
Alexa Scoma, Carol and Tim Barry with Amanda Lattimer (Dave Siccardi)
This year’s auction puppy Chocolate Labrador Retriever Beaujolais (‘Beau’) with new owner Rick Hemerick (Dave Siccardi)
Bridget Musante and Jim Lennox (Dave Siccardi)