San Pasqual Academy football team remains undefeated

The foster teen football players
The foster teen football players of San Pasqual Academy defeated Julian High School recently and are continuing on a path to success in many areas, on and off the field. Pictured are the proud football players of San Pasqual Academy.

The football team of San Pasqual Academy, despite dealing with over 100 degrees on the field for all of their games, continues to demonstrate what it takes to be champions. They have played three games and, just recently, beat Julian High School with the final score being 62-8. The 14 boys and 4 girls played the entire game with intensity and determination to prove to themselves and others that they are more than “just foster kids”. The players play both on offense and defense and never let up. Their excitement is evident and the chemistry of the team is apparent. Many of the players have been told that they are failures. Most have never participated in sports, since they have had to move numerous times, disrupting both their academic and athletic experiences. To have fans cheering for these foster teens, supporting them and recognizing their hard-work, dedication and commitment is highly rewarding to them. Their peers, staff, teachers, houseparents, coaches and many others are there for them. The foster teens at San Pasqual Academy feel appreciated, supported and nurtured. They feel special and are grateful for everyone showing up for them at these very important football games.

San Pasqual Academy is both home and school to the foster teens of San Diego County. Its successes are many: a 94% graduation rate versus a 45% graduation rate for foster teens not placed at San Pasqual Academy, a safe, stable environment, where students can attend one school until they graduate and then are supported to further their education, whether it be a college or vocational school. They also receive therapy to overcome the abuse, trauma and neglect they have experienced. Siblings are able to remain together, which is very important to all the siblings and reduces more trauma in their lives. The students at San Pasqual Academy develop long-term relationships with caring staff, teachers and coaches. They even have “grandparents”, who live on campus and volunteer their time, teaching them how to sew, bake and pursue other skills.

Pictured is Grandpa Lauren
Pictured is Grandpa Lauren, who lives on campus and is one of many “grandparents” who volunteer their time to spend with the foster students of San Pasqual Academy. Friends of San Pasqual Academy board member Teri Summerhays, pictured on right, and Grandpa Lauren attended the recent football game and cheered on the very grateful players.

The foster teens have been supported for over 20 years, by Friends of San Pasqual Academy, who make academic, athletic, music, art, agricultural and other programs possible. Proms, school dances, birthdays and holiday parties are also funded by Friends of San Pasqual Academy. Transitional housing for graduates is also available, with many college alumni returning “home” during their summer breaks and holidays. Friends of San Pasqual Academy is currently supporting over 80 graduates in colleges that have included UCLA, San Francisco State, San Diego State, Cal State San Marcos, Cal State Fullerton, San Jose State, Sacramento State, Humbolt State, Chico State, Palomar College, San Diego City College, Mira Costa College, Southwestern College, Mesa College and other colleges.

For more information on Friends of San Pasqual Academy, a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, visit Donations can be sent to Friends of San Pasqual Academy, PO Box 8202, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. —Friends of San Pasqual Academy news release