Foster teens of San Pasqual Academy begin their football season

Appreciative football players
Appreciative football players take a time-out during their first game of the season and are proud to represent San Pasqual Academy. Their beautiful turf football stadium was built for the foster teens by former NFL players Quentin Jammer, Philip Rivers, the Friends of San Pasqual Academy and others. They are looking forward to a very exciting and successful season and are supported by many caring individuals and many fans.

For foster kids, playing sports is not an option, since many foster kids must move many times and change high schools frequently. For the foster teens at San Pasqual Academy, playing sports and participating in extra-curricular activities is possible, since they are able to remain in one school and have a stable, supportive environment where they are allowed to pursue their interests in sports, music, art and academic programs. The football season began on Friday, Aug. 27, for San Pasqual Academy players and they were ready. They had been practicing hard and were very excited to start their long-awaited season.

Fourteen boys and four girls comprise this team. Some had never played football before and some were experienced, returning players. On Aug. 27, all the players came together and supported one another. The chemistry of this team is special, since these foster teens live together at San Pasqual Academy. The three coaches and two student managers prepared the team well. Their opponent was Calvin Christian High School. Despite being over 100 degrees, the game began with intensity and the San Pasqual Academy players gave it their all. The offense was spectacular and the defense did not let the opponents score. The final score was 61-0, with San Pasqual Academy winning this very important game. They had a lot to prove and they did.

Cheering in the stands, were their houseparents, staff, teachers, classmates, “grandparents”, who are not related, but volunteer as their grandparents, other individuals who volunteer at San Pasqual Academy and former alumni of San Pasqual Academy. Friends of San Pasqual Academy has supported the foster teens for over 20 years and provided the uniforms, helmets, cleats, pads and other items for all the football players. Each player received a gift bag from Friends of San Pasqual Academy at the end of the game, to welcome the football players to the start of the season and recognize their hard work and commitment of being on the team. Each gift bag contained a water bottle, body wash, face wash, socks, deodorant, sunscreen, a gift card, snacks and more.

The foster teens greatly appreciated being recognized and supported by Friends of San Pasqual Academy. They also appreciated all the fans in the stands and the continuous support they receive from caring individuals. The players are looking forward to playing more games and are grateful to have a chance to play sports. They will continue to work hard to attain their goals and dreams. As one student stated, “I am no longer just a foster kid. I am a football player, a musician, a college-bound senior and much more.” Friends of San Pasqual Academy continues to work to help provide support to enable many more successes for the foster students of San Pasqual Academy, on and off the field.

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