The Farms Golf Club wins the Valley Cup


The 24 members of the Farms Golf Club defeated teams from Santaluz, Fairbanks Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to win the prestigious Valley Cup.

The Valley Cup is a team play event established in 1990 among various clubs in the Rancho Santa Fe area in order to “Foster Friendship, Promote Competition, and Recognize Excellence.” It has evolved over the years to become a truly “Ryder Cup” -style premier event. The Farms team competed against teams from Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club and The Santaluz Club on May 4 though May 6 in a "Ryder Cup" -type format. The competition was conducted at all four courses, with social events hosted by Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

The Farms team accumulated more points than any other team in two out of the three rounds to come to a final score of 241. The other team scores were 210, 209 and 204.

(In photo above) Members of the winning Farms team.: Ross Afsahi, Brett Allan, Jack Archie, Mike Arnau, Michael Atkins, Mike Bench, William E. Blanton, Steve Cain, Chris Cote, Ed Cuff, Jon Davis, Sam Godkin, Will Hamilton, Matt Horsley, Mark McDaniel, Michael Melton, DJ Nye, Sean Park, Ben Ryan, Craig Sanger, Scott Sessions, Philip Walker, Jon Watters, Scott Werbelow