Wisdom from one of our nation’s most accomplished forefathers

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,”

pronounced Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s most accomplished forefathers. Franklin understood that placing a significant emphasis on education is what allows us to better ourselves as individuals and as a society.

We are fortunate to reside in a town that has outstanding public schools. In large part, the quality of the educational experience that the children receive in our community is dependent upon support from individuals, families and corporate partners that are located in our neighborhood. Public education has changed dramatically in recent years. We have seen significant cuts in education funding from the state and notable reductions in property tax revenues.

It is up to us, as a community, to rise to the occasion and provide financial support to our schools if we want to ensure that the children in Rancho Santa Fe continue to receive a world class education.

I am proud to serve this year as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the RSF Education Foundation. As an organization, our primary objective is to raise monies to help fund the Five-Star Education program that children receive at the R. Roger Rowe School. We have made a commitment this year to grant $1 million to our school, which represents approximately 11 percent of its $9.1 million annual budget. We express our sincere gratitude to those people and businesses in our community that have already supported our campaign. Although we have made significant progress towards meeting our objective,

we still need to collect an additional $265,000 this school year

before we can rest comfortably knowing that we have fully funded our commitment and that all planned school programs will remain in place.

There is clear evidence that the academic standing of a school positively influences residential real estate values in its community. For this and other reasons, the strength of our schools is critically important to every homeowner who lives in Rancho Santa Fe. As we take time to reflect during this holiday season of giving, I appeal to


in our community to consider supporting our school by making a fully tax deductible charitable contribution, in any amount, to the RSF Education Foundation. Whether or not you have a child or grandchild that attends our school,



have an interest in making sure that we are able to maintain, and ideally improve, our quality of education.

As a society, children represent our future. We each have an opportunity today to help improve a child’s educational experience so that they are better prepared for tomorrow. I encourage you to follow Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice by “investing” in our children as well as Rancho Santa Fe by contributing to the RSF Education Foundation. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support. On behalf of everyone associated with our school and community, we greatly appreciate it. I wish you and your family a joyous and healthy new year.

Glenn A. Oratz,

Chair of the Board of Trustees of the RSF Education Foundation

To make a fully tax deductible charitable contribution to the RSF Education Foundation, please do so online at or send a check payable to “RSF Education Foundation” to P.O. Box 809, RSF, CA 92067.