Willis Allen Real Estate marks 100 years in San Diego County


Willis Allen Real Estate has reached the milestone of 100 years of ongoing operation in San Diego County. The company celebrated this momentous occasion April 18 on the flight deck of the USS Midway. The party was in appreciation of the of the 240 agents and staff that, without them, the company would just be a building and the company’s ideals would just be words.

The USS Midway has special meaning to Andrew E. Nelson, president and owner of Willis Allen Real Estate. He had the honor of being a Naval officer and aviator flying in the back seat of the F-4 Phantom during the Vietnam conflict — the same plane that is currently parked on the flight deck of the USS Midway. Nelson was originally based at Miramar, then when deployed, flew off the Midway’s sister ship, the USS Coral Sea. He flew about 150 combat missions in two different fighter squadrons from 1967-72.

Willis Allen Real Estate was among the first to use the worldwide web to market its listings and connect with each other, clients, and the network of agents, buyers and sellers that they uniquely bring to their clients. They are founding members of international affiliations that have secured high-end listings and delivered international buyers to San Diego, and they continue to be a unique, family-owned, San Diego specific real estate firm, but with international reach. Willis Allen’s per agent production is among the highest in the United States.

Photos/McKenzie Images