Wildcats make special visit to Rancho Santa Fe home


Donna Walker and Mark Pulido hosted some high-profile Wildcats from the University of Arizona in Tucson at their RSF home recently. University President Robert N. Shelton and Dean J. Lyle Bootman of the UA College of Pharmacy, along with the College of Pharmacy’s National Advisory Board, enjoyed a beautiful Rancho Santa Fe evening at the Walker Pulido home. Earlier in the day the group met at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

The UA contingent flew in from Tucson and various points around the country. The dinner party of 25 included guests Ken Coit of Coit Financial (San Francisco), Mary Ryan of Medco (N.J.), Eric Racine of Sanofi-Aventis (N.J.), Charlie Horn of ScriptSave (Tucson), Chris Hogan of BlueCross BlueShield (Phoenix), Jim Chubb of ProPharma International (Telluride, CO), Stan Goldenberg of Bravo Pharmacy (Los Angeles) and Rick Katz and Ira Halpern of ModernHealth (Los Angeles). Renowned celebrity chef Jeffrey Strauss of Pamplemousse Grill catered the sumptuous multi-course dinner.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by President Shelton of a commemorative book on the Pulido Center, which was recently established by the Pulido Walker Foundation at the University of Arizona and which houses the top-ranked College of Pharmacy. (Mr. Pulido, former CEO at McKesson, Corp., is a graduate of the UA College of Pharmacy and a long-time member of its National Advisory Board.) The sunset, piano player, and billiards long into the night made for a fabulous Pac-10 evening in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe.