What are the plans to address impact issues?


By Joy Glenner

For over one year the entrance to beautiful Rancho Santa Fe on Via de La Valle has continued to look like a third world country with piles of rubble and weeds. It is shameful and after work began on the Coast to Crest project there’s been no work, leaving an environment of disgrace. Shame on the county for allowing this to continue.

I was shocked when I read that the county Fair has been extended for two more days in 2012. This past summer was impossible as the Via de La Valle exit was shut down due to the excessive traffic. One Saturday evening, my guests spent two hours sitting on I-5 North before creeping to the Lomas Santa Fe exit. I just read an article in [this newspaper]that this traffic nightmare is going to be mitigated. How? Overflow parking is accessed on Via de La Valle and Camino Real, unless that is not used with some other parking, this will be another summer from hell. What are the plans for both of these issues impacting Rancho Santa Fe?