Letters to the editor: Aug. 13 issue


Step-down housing, senior housing addressed in Village Master Plan

Ten years ago, I helped work on the Village Master Plan for Rancho Santa Fe. Reviewing our current document, you will find some very interesting comments about our Village. One that I would like to point out is under the heading of Senior Housing:

“Although limited in number, the smaller sized Village residences are also important in that they provide an opportunity for covenant members who are ready to ‘step-down’ from the responsibility of maintaining larger estate-sized lots but still wish to remain within the community. Not only are the smaller residences easier to maintain, but they are also located in proximity to the senior center, market, post office, and other services and amenities.

“After considering several options for providing senior (aka ‘step-down’) housing on larger parcels in other parts of the Covenant, the Association’s Planning Committee has recognized the role that Village housing plays, and has identified the Village as the preferred location for Covenant senior housing.”

Additionally, under Village Density, the following is stated:

“To provide for a variety of housing choices, including senior housing, and to enhance the vitality of the Village by increasing usage of its range of goods, services and amenities, the Planning Committee has identified additional areas adjacent to the Village, particularly to the southwest, where density increases should be encouraged and supported. Toward this end, the County, at the Association’s request, is proposing to rezone the commercially designated areas of the Village with a C-5 ‘mixed use’ zoning designation.

“Additionally the Association has proposed a “Village Limit Line” that establishes where future mixed use projects and higher densities are desirable (Exhibit 5). Support for future re-zonings (Covenant Modifications) in these areas, if approved, will facilitate the goals of adding to the inventory additional housing types, including senior housing, casitas and condos, as well as the opportunity to expand the Village’s mixed-use character. To ensure that these goals are consistent with the County of San Diego objectives, the concepts of the ‘Village Limit Line’ and increased Village density need to be included within the San Dieguito Community Plan as a part of the County’s General Plan Amendment (GP 2020).”

The Village Limit Line was created to show the walking distance that would provide a safe and convenient walking time to get to the Village center, from any point in both the residential and commercial portions of the Village area.

All of these issues need to be considered for projects proposed for Rancho Santa Fe, especially those requesting changes in density, step-down or senior housing. There is currently a well-thought-out plan in place that addresses all these issues and a location that is desirable, convenient and clearly designated in the Village Master Plan.

Marion B. Dodson