Village Market, post office area to receive new light fixtures, signs


By Karen Billing

Staff writer

New decorative light fixtures are coming to the entrances and exits of the Village Market and the post office in RSF. The Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors approved the changes Oct. 7, which will replace the current plastic globes that sit on top of eight white pilasters with decorative, wrought-iron and glass fixtures.

The changes will also include re-locating some unsightly parking control signs that cover the front of the pilasters.

“I hate the signs, I think they are the ugliest things on earth but the attorney requires we have them,” said Susan Woolley of the Roger S. Woolley Administrative Trust, which owns the property.

The tow-away signs, called “not so Rancho Santa Fe-ish” by board member Jack Queen were made a requirement after a work vehicle was towed out of the parking lot and Woolley Trust was sued for not having proper signage.

The Art Jury suggested making the signs white with green writing to be more aesthetically pleasing and they will be re-located to the other side of the pilaster, not facing the front.