Village gallery to host unprecedented exhibition for celebrated artist John Asaro


By Leigh Timmons

As a master of contemporary impressionism, John Asaro is a rare artist – one whose work embodies the simultaneous precision and fluidity of the human form, and celebrates the endless characterization made possible by ever changing, ever present light. Known throughout the country for his distinctive and award-winning nudes and dancer series’, Asaro is currently recognized as a leading fine artist in his field; and this month, the Timmons Galleries is proud to announce Asaro’s premier San Diego exhibition as he prepares to take his work from here to the Santa Barbara Museum Exhibition, New York City and beyond.

Throughout his evolution from art student to professional illustrator to teacher and now full-time fine artist,

John Asaro

has remained deeply involved in the West Coast art scene; and over the last 35 years, his work has served as a testament to the artists’ pursuit of depth, honesty, feeling and meaning. In his upcoming Rancho Santa Fe Village exhibition, Asaro will present his most recent paintings from the “Adagio” series, which portrays the alternating movement and repose of ballet dancers. Asaro’s work captures the dancers’ life force, and depicts them in various poses of relaxation, performance, contemplation and passion. With a light-infused vibrant palette that uses complimentary colors and broad-brush strokes to create unique patterns, Asaro’s latest vision reveals the artist at his dramatic and evocative best. At 73 years old, Asaro has earned his stripes within the art community; and yet there is an enduring quality to his work – at once youthful, vibrant, classical and timeless – that makes his an eye for all seasons.

Join Timmons Galleries in supporting Asaro’s New York premier

As the founders of a Rancho Santa Fe institution with a passion for art of all kinds, we at

Timmons Galleries

are delighted to host John Asaro’s upcoming exhibition and take part in sharing his work with the San Diego community. On September 15, we invite our friends and neighbors to join us at our original, newly reopened site in the Rancho Santa Fe Village for what promises to be a wonderful exhibit – not to mention an exciting opportunity for buyers and collectors of contemporary fine art works.

Over the years, John Asaro’s paintings have received numerous awards, headlined dozens of shows and graced the halls of prestigious galleries throughout the American West; and now, as a tribute to the San Diego community of loyal followers and collectors of his work, Asaro has chosen to offer his paintings for unprecedented prices. Join us in celebrating Asaro’s vision, and become a part of our growing community of artists, enthusiast and patrons; and be sure to return to the gallery on September 26 for the unveiling of an additional 10 paintings from Asaro’s celebrated collection. For more information, visit us online: