Village Church offers women’s bible study


The whole message of the world’s best-selling book — and arguably its most important — will be the topic of the Women’s Bible Study at the Village Church this fall. Beginning Wednesday morning, Sept. 7, and continuing through next May, all women of the community are invited to join in study and fellowship as they explore the Bible in a fashion not often employed in churches. Rather than a book-by-book or verse-by-verse approach, this year’s study will look at 10 major themes of the whole Bible and help students see how the whole text fits together to speak a single, consistent message. Led by Dr. Jack Baca, senior pastor, students will learn major portions of scripture within a framework that will allow them also to appreciate the entire sweep of the biblical proclamation that occurred over many centuries and through many different authors. As always, the ultimate goal will be the impact that comes through greater knowledge of God and Christ.

Employing large and small group sharing as well as recommended study at home, the group will meet Wednesday mornings from 9–11 a.m. in the Fellowship Center. The program fee is $45 for the whole year and includes all study materials. To register or to get further information, contact The Village Church at (858) 756-2441 or visit