Village Church hosts Nursery School orientation


The children and families at the Village Church Nursery School were invited to visit the school on Friday, Sept. 10, to meet their teachers and enjoy a “sneak preview” of their classroom. The previous night, parents had the opportunity to attend an orientation in the new Village Church, where Pam Miller, director and Jack Baca, church pastor, welcomed families to the new school year.

Monday, Sept. 13, was the first day of school. Some children are returning students while others are brand new to the program. While some children have moved on to Kindergarten, there are many younger siblings who are now able to attend and they feel right at home along with their parents.

The Village Church Nursery School now offers toddler classes to children who are 2 by Sept. 1, and are not yet potty trained.

For the 3- and 4-year-olds the school has adopted a new program this year, Handwriting Without Tears. This program will coordinate nicely with the Zoo Phonics program, which has already been implemented.

Please contact the school for more information at 858-756-2394, or email director Pam Miller at