Vandalism reported at home in Rancho Santa Fe


By Joe Tash

The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol and sheriff’s deputies responded Saturday morning, May 3, to a report of vandalism at a Rancho Santa Fe home.

The incident occurred in the 16400 block of El Camino Real at the Hinchy family’s home, said Chief Matt Wellhouser of the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol.

Officers found toilet paper draped in several different places, including a basketball hoop, cactus, tree and a vehicle, and a vulgar phrase scrawled in white chalk on the ground, Wellhouser said.

Sheriff’s deputies documented the call in their activity log, but did not file a criminal report, Wellhouser said, which may be because no evidence was available for investigators to follow.

Police did not have information regarding suspects or a motive for the incident, Wellhouser said.

The Rancho Santa Fe Patrol will file its own report on the incident. Wellhouser said he was not aware of any recent, similar incidents in the area.