Understanding luxury downsizing in the San Diego real estate market


By Vicki Johnson

When it comes to the

San Diego real estate market

, the words “luxury” and “large” have been synonymous for decades. But now, a new nationwide downsizing trend has altered the luxury homes landscape – and prompted a similar move on the part of some homeowners here in the area. According to


magazine, so-called “sensibly sized” homes are replacing sprawling mansions throughout luxury markets – bringing with them greater cost efficiency and subsequent disposable income to help homeowners focus on lifestyle amenities like interior design, location, community and the simple convenience of a lower-maintenance property.

Here in San Diego, downsizing is becoming increasingly popular; and for those looking to cut costs in the wake of the recession, or for baby boomers dealing with empty nest syndrome and revised lifestyle priorities, trading excess square footage for improved accessibility, sustainability and savings may be an ideal solution. There are a number of advantages to downsizing – and some of them even offer a surprising opportunity to increase the luxury and custom feel of your home:

  • Luxury downsizing often results in lower house payments, leaving more income for use towards travel, custom remodeling and interior design elements that can help transform a modest space into a dream home.
  • Smaller homes leave homeowners with fewer maintenance responsibilities – a benefit that results in the luxury of time and savings on upkeep and maintenance services.
  • For aging homeowners, smaller properties often provide improved accessibility – making it easier to get around and enjoy the amenities that define true luxury.
  • Unlike very large homes, which require a certain type of location, smaller luxury homes give homeowners increased flexibility when it comes to the situation and proximity of their home to recreation, services, amenities and entertainment options.

For those interested in downsizing their homes and redefining luxury in a convenient and affordable custom space, now is the time to begin the search for available properties in the San Diego area. To learn more about luxury downsizing in your neighborhood, it is best to consult an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with both buying and selling in the local market.
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All trends and market analysis aside, downsizing – like any other real estate decision – is a highly personal choice; and as a seasoned real estate broker working in partnership with Coldwell Banker, I can offer clients the individualized attention and expert guidance necessary to help make the right choice for their unique lifestyle and budget needs. To learn more about

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