Top pros from Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club and Fairbanks Ranch Country Club to compete in Pro vs. Pro Challenge March 23

The Pro vs. Pro Challenge, a San Diego County tennis club competition, will be held on Saturday, March 23, 1 p.m. at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, Court 1.

Last month Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club’s top pro Derek Miller defeated both La Jolla Tennis Club pros Brent Davis and Juan Garcia. Miller moves on to the next round to be challenged by Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. Fairbanks is represented by Steve Foreman, a three-time All American at Wake Forest. This will be the city’s top two pros going head to head with prize money at stake. These two professionals have never played in a sanctioned event before.

Ticket price: $15. Lunch and beverage included. Call (858) 259-8811.

About the pros playing on March 23:

Derek Miller:

Age 32; 6’2”; 190 lbs.; San Diego native; USDHS 3-time CIF Champion; USDHS Hall of Fame; Purdue University Captain; All Big 10 Team; #100 NCAA Singles; #40 NCAA Doubles; Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club Head Professional.

Steve Foreman:

Age 24; 6’4”; 215 lbs.; San Diego native; Torrey Pines High School 3-time CIF Singles Champion; Wake Forrest University Captain and 3-time All American; 4-time All ACC Team; #23 NCAA Top Rank Singles; #1 NCAA Top Rank Doubles; Fairbanks Ranch Country Club tennis professional.