Timmons Galleries to host reception and exhibit of world-renowned artist


By Diane Y. Welch


It has taken a decade but Leigh Timmons feels like she is “finally home” with the recent relocation of her fine art gallery, Timmons Galleries, to Paseo Delicias in the historic village of Rancho Santa Fe. And in coincidence with this new chapter in the gallery, her business has been invigorated with more world-class artists scheduled to exhibit.

Timmons, a Houston native, who has been involved in the art business for 25 years, has a passion for selling art. “You can’t describe it, but it is the best feeling in the world!” she said. And her upcoming show for John Asaro proves that she has patience, too. “I have wanted to show John’s work ever since I started my gallery 10 years ago and he always declined until now, so this is like a dream come true,” she said.

The opening reception, “which we are calling a ‘Once in a Lifetime Opportunity,’” Timmons said, is scheduled for Sept. 15 with 20 of Asaro’s vibrant oils on display. Asaro, a former student and then teacher at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, is now a world-renowned artist, acclaimed for his colorful, romantic interpretations of the human figure, reminiscent of Michelangelo’s style. Asaro’s work will show at the gallery through the end of October.

His recent paintings capture the life force of dancers, and depict them in various poses of relaxation, performance, contemplation, and passion, according to Timmons Galleries’ website. With a light-infused vibrant palette – using complimentary colors and broad brush strokes that create patterns – Asaro’s work is dramatic.

In harmony with the exhibit will be a showcase of limited edition sculptures of Michelangelo’s pieces. The works are from an Italian foundry which was granted the rights to his original molds. “I was approached to see if I could show a selection these works, one of them being the Madonna, here in the gallery. Of course I was thrilled,” said Timmons.

Coupled with the installation of the pieces, Timmons will travel to Italy where she has been granted a personal VIP tour of the Ferdinando Marinelli Foundry in Florence that holds the Michelangelo molds and crafts the sculptures.

Prior to the Italy visit she will stop off in London to visit Snap Galleries where Neal Preston’s works are on exhibit. Timmons represents Preston, whose high-contrast black and white fine art music photography was the gallery’s last exhibit. It was through Timmons’ representation that Preston, who will also show at the Morrison Hotel Gallery (MHG) in New York, found a world audience. Timmons is a long admirer and friend of Rich Horowitz, co-owner of MHG, famed for its vast collection of highly collectible signed photographs of rock music icons. “He helped put this type of fine art photography on the map,” she said.

Timmons will also be welcoming a new gallery director, Chris Dyer, who has been in the gallery business for about seven years, in Birmingham, Ala. “He’ll come out here Oct. 1, to collaborate with me and to be a part of the gallery,” she said.

Looking further ahead is a proposed exhibition of Dan McCaw’s work. McCaw was one of the first artists that Timmons represented. With a four-decade long career, he is also a former teacher at the Art Center College of Design, internationally acclaimed, and was a close colleague of Asaro’s. “We are hoping for a show in time for the holidays,” said Timmons.

Currently on exhibit at the gallery are paintings by Scott Prior and David Slonim, and for sale is a collection of unique gift items. Timmons carries perfumed oils that may be custom-blended for an individualized fragrance, home and table accessories, and decorative arts pieces. Included in her collection are Tobi Tobin’s candles, Michael Aram’s polished pewter gifts, hand- blown glass by Glass Eye Studio, and jewelry by Cristina Powers. She also showcases Wish Pots crafted by Hawaiian glass artist Geoff Lee, and glass candlesticks by Romanian glass artist Ioan Nemtoi, and more.

Visit or call (858) 756-8488 for more information on the upcoming Asaro reception on Sept. 15, and for details about represented artists.

The gallery is located at 6024, Ste D, Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.