The Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center announces new middle school Hebrew & Israel education program


The Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center in Carmel Valley recently announced the addition of Iris Noiman to the Tarbuton staff. Noiman will launch the Tarbuton Middle School Program guiding 6th-8th grade students in their critical year to two years around their bar/bat mitzvah age. The first hour of the program is Hebrew language instruction by level, while the second hour focused on Israel Education is conducted in English with history, art, music, photography, speakers, and more.

“Parents asked us to create this program to provide their children with strong Hebrew language instruction geared towards proficiency and to provide a cohort for their kids during these critical years with which they could celebrate their bar/bat mitzvah experience and learn more about Israel.” said Jennie Starr, director of the Tarbuton. “We’re working hand in hand with these parents to tailor the program to their needs.”

With the addition of the middle school program, the Tarbuton establishes a pre-school through high school credit continuum for Hebrew language instruction and Israel education in a single supplementary program with convenient options for some hours on public school campuses and others at the Tarbuton center during the week and on Sundays.

Also expanding is the Tarbuton after-school Hebrew program in public elementary schools. “We hope to expand from three public schools in two districts to six public schools in two districts and the addition of a third district in the fall.” Starr said.

For more information or to register, visit;; 858-245-9375.