The Patriots Initiative launches in Rancho Santa Fe


Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, patrons celebrate new outreach program

“The hope is to bring the joy and confidence back in to the donation process. Everyone should feel like they can make a difference and TPI has been created so that can be possible.”

– Christy Wilson, Executive Director, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation’s newest outreach program, The Patriots Initiative (TPI), held its official launch party at the Rancho Santa Fe home of Greg and Nancy Hillgren. TPI takes a landmark new approach to enable Americans to readily support all active and retired armed forces members, wounded and fallen, and their families.

In attendance were several keynote guests, including was Marine Corps Installations West and Camp Pendleton Commander, Brigadier General Vincent A. Coglianese, Admiral Russell S. Penniman, Deputy Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet and John McTighe, retired Navy Captain and SEAL for 27 years. In addition, joining the celebratory launch event was Leonard Pecchia, a World War II veteran who was awarded the Silver Star for his actions during the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. Approximately 100 Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding area residents and patrons of the RSF Foundation joined these honorable attendees for the celebration. A hot air balloon launch during the evening signified the official launch of The Patriots Initiative website and commencement of TPI’s philanthropic operations.

To learn more about The Patriots Initiative:

For more information, and ways to join TPI, please contact Debbie Anderson, programs manager at: or (858) 756-0358.

Photos/McKenzie Images