The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe reintroduces Croquet on the Lawn


The historic Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is revitalizing a long-standing tradition—croquet on the property’s main lawn. This summer, local residents and hotel guests can pick up a mallet and clack some wooden balls through wickets—all while wearing their traditional croquet whites and enjoy a refreshing seasonal cocktail of choice. The main lawn of The Inn was refurbished during The Inn’s $12 million renovation which was completed in July 2013, taking out the bumps and divots, and offering a smooth, clean surface perfect for croquet play.

“For those that visited the Village of Rancho Santa Fe in the 1950s, they will remember driving past the historic Inn and seeing guests play croquet on the main lawn. We want to bring back the innocent fun of the era, and reintroduce a sport that anyone—from couples to friends to three family generations—can play together,” said Gordon MacMitchell, general manager of The Inn.

Professional player and local favorite John Delille will be leading croquet play with instruction and guidance, which will be California Golf Croquet. The remaining scheduled dates are July 24 and Aug. 7, 21, from 5 – 6:30 p.m. The cost is $25 per person, and light appetizers and specialty drinks will be served. Delille will also be on hand to instruct lead games and help fine-tune player’s skills.

“Croquet is a sport that anyone—as long as they can swing a mallet—can play. This is what makes it fun. One does not need athletic ability—only strategic thinking—in order to do well in play. Croquet is more like chess than anything else,” says Delille. “I look forward to being a part of a long standing history of croquet on The Inn’s magnificent lawn.”

The Inn is looking forward to inviting players of all ages to come and join in the fun. For updated croquet information, please visit