The Art of Luxury Real Estate


By Janet Christ

When it comes to luxury real estate, no two properties are exactly alike – but that’s great news for the discerning buyer. That’s because buyers today want more than just a home – they want real estate that reflects their personal taste, style, mood and ambiance. In this sense, our homes are our very own artistic sanctuaries. From Monet-inspired gardens to Picasso-worthy Spanish-style estates, the luxury market abounds in imaginative properties for even the most distinguished and selective buyer.

Like art, homes in Rancho Santa Fe are as diverse as our imaginations. But it isn’t just beautiful real estate that attracts buyers to The Covenant. Like the most precious piece of art, Rancho Santa Fe is a mosaic of community-centered residents, fine shopping and dining and incredible, world-class amenities. The Covenant is also one of the most highly-sought areas thanks to its local attractions that draw people from all over the world. In this sense, it’s no surprise to learn that it’s also one of the most prized areas of San Diego.

But the pricing of this market is different than other areas of San Diego because of its custom nature. To tell you the truth, it’s really more like pricing art than pricing real estate. That’s why strict reliance on “comps” is problematic and in most cases flawed.

Luxury homes are valued according to their own merit. Relying on comps to price a luxury home is like trying to value a painting by Monet by comparing it to a sculpture by Rodin. In other words, no two truly custom properties that comprise the high-end market share the same amenities, floor plans, square footage, acreage, finishes, views, age and curb appeal that typically are factored into a comprehensive market analysis.

The emotional factor that goes into buying a luxury home also makes comps matter even less; high-end buyers tend to let their hearts do the talking. If they’ve “got to have it,” they will. When buyers perceive value, transactions ensue.

And like a watercolor painting, luxury real estate valuation is comprised of multiple “hues” that combine into the final rendering. Some colors run into each other while others hold their shape. It’s this precise fluidity that makes luxury real estate pricing an art in and of itself.

When I price luxury homes, I consider every single factor for the most competitive listing—including an intimate understanding of the craft, the history, the rareness, and the value of all the amenities that comprise Rancho Santa Fe luxury real estate. When combined, the price is skillfully decided and no detail is missed.

Much like an artist, I pride myself on my reputation and I invite you to view my work. Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Rancho Santa Fe, visit me at

or call me direct at 858.335.7700.