Thank you for the new playground!

Thank you to all who worked together to give the Rancho Santa Fe Association its first playground!

Thank you especially to:

•Heather Slosar, who picked up the playground banner over a year ago, and worked tirelessly, and with amazing love and devotion, to bring the community together and to make this decades-long dream a reality.

•The Rancho Santa Fe Association board members, including the current board members and especially the 2011-2012 board members, Pete Smith, and the Association Committee members for their vision, dedication, time and hard work.

•The Rancho Santa Fe Outdoors Club for building the playground.

•Linda Leong and all others who supported the recent efforts and/or worked hard through the years to bring a playground to the Association.

We finally have a place for children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their families to come together! A place where neighbors can meet new neighbors or get together with old friends. A place to build memories. A place for children to learn and play outdoors. A playground to call our own.

We hope you’ll join us on the playground and in thanking all who have given us such an extraordinary gift!


The Ayyad Family

The Berger Family

Chris, Kristi, Gavin, Andersen, and Emmalyn Blatt

Helle, Jan, Olivar and Silke Brandrup

Lori, Lilly & Nina Budano

Ken, Julie, Hagen & Ingrid Buechler

Ross and Rebecca Burnett

The Catledge Family

The Cheney Family

The Coufal Family

The Dempsey Family

The Diener Family

The Dirkes Family

The Flanagan Family

The Foster Family

Craig, Meredith, John John and Will Garner

The Gauvreau Family

The Gaylord Family

The Gillespie Family

Matt, Anne and Bear Golden

The Hand Family

Andy, Phan, Jack, Dean, and Lila Kaffka

The Kent Family

Kali, Paul, Youngki, and Henry Kim

The Klecher Family

Robert, William, Bruce and Brenda Kleege

The Knees Family

Todd, Sally, Rhett, Lyle and Reece LaRocca

The Licosati Family

The Macon Family

Evan Malter, Nina Kottler, Jake Malter, Cody Malter

The McCotter Family

The Mikles Family

The Moran Family

The Moss Family

The Mubarak Family

The Neal Family

The Oratz Family

Andy, Paige, Gavin, Greta and Tommy Pennock

Owen, Jolene, Jewel, and Owen Daniel Perry

Daniele and Andy Pollin

The Rene Family

The Roesser Family

Kevin, Lisa & James Russeth

Steven, Violetta, Rocco and Francesca Sansone

The Schneider Family

The Shahri Family

The Stein Family

The Stratton Family

The Sweeney Family

Sue, Dave, Wesley, and Casey Thatcher