Ten ‘Paw-dres’ rookies almost ready for the ‘play-offs!’


A litter of 10, seven-week-old, “Paw-dres” puppies are preparing for the playoffs at Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC)! Under the watchful eye of their, “Manager” (a Coonhound named Rosie) the puppies named Eckstein, Tejada, Gonzalez, Ludwick, Stairs, Torrealba, Headley, Gwynn, Young, and Friar are expected to become, “free agents” this week…just in time for post-season play with their new families.

“These rookies need a lot more training before they’re ready for the big league,” says HWAC team spokesman John Van Zante. “At seven weeks (that’s about 49 dog weeks) they act like a bunch of babies that have never handled a ball in their lives. All they want to do is go to the concession stand and sleep. But, when they’re awake, they show a lot of enthusiasm. A good family manager will build on this natural talent and have these puppies playing in no time!”

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