Teen Volunteers In Action support graduating foster teens of San Pasqual Academy


Imagine graduating from high school and leaving, not only your school, but also your home, which has been for many teens the first place they have felt safe and have been able to attend school for a continuous length of time. For many foster students, they have attended numerous schools and their education has been interrupted or terminated. For over 10 years, San Pasqual Academy has changed this cycle and approximately 140 foster teens live and attend school at San Pasqual Academy, which has 31 students graduating in the Class of 2012.

The graduating foster teens of San Pasqual Academy have been supported by a very unique, caring group, which is made up of teenage boys and their families. This group is called Teen Volunteers In Action and they have been supporting these graduates for the last eight years with a special collection, started by Kathy Lathrum and her son, Mark Lathrum. TVIA is an organization of young men, who together with their families, are committed to developing community leaders through a structured program of volunteerism and philanthropy. They are dedicated supporters of the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy and support them throughout the year through various activities.

Many members of Teen Volunteers In Action collected items for the graduating foster students of San Pasqual Academy.

Chairing this project were Linda Carter and Julie Tifft. Items were collected at the annual TVIA Senior Presents last month and Grad bags were filled to the brim for all 31 San Pasqual Academy graduates. Items in each personalized Grad bag include a twin sheet set, blanket, pillow, towel set, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other useful items. Each Grad bag has each student’s name embroidered on it.

The foster teens greatly appreciate this wonderful support and treasure these useful items. The Grad bags will be presented at a Graduation Lunch, put on by Friends of San Pasqual Academy, and will be given out by TVIA board members and parents.

The San Pasqual Academy 2012 graduates greatly appreciate the efforts of these TVIA volunteers and they have made this graduation very special.

For more information on San Pasqual Academy, please visit the website at or call 858-759-3298 for more information.