Teen volunteers help beautify San Diego River with mural

Teen Volunteers in Action participated on March 31 in the creation of public art for the San Diego River Park, through a partnership with the San Diego River Park Foundation.

This new event for TVIA, called the Community Mural Event, was partially funded by TVIA and the Mission Hills Garden Club.

Anna Lillian, TVIA’s vice president of philanthropy, said about 100 local TVIA boys and their parents volunteered for this new philanthropic event which helped beautify San Diego. Under the guidance and instruction of local professional artist Thom Guerra, the teens and other volunteers worked all day on the mural which was completed that weekend.

This new mural is the sixth in a series located along the river trail in the Mission Valley Preserve. The project was organized by the San Diego River Park Foundation which hopes to connect the community to the river through art that displays the river’s beauty and promotes awareness of restoration and stewardship.

The vision of the San Diego River Park is a greenbelt from the mountains to the ocean along the 52-mile San Diego River. This greenbelt is a trail system and a clean and healthy river system that connects parks, open spaces, public places and community facilities along the length of the river.

The San Diego River Park Foundation [] is partnering with business and civic leaders, government agencies such as the San Diego River Conservancy, and a wide range of other organizations including TVIA. These groups support the preservation of the river’s wildlife, recreation, water and culture, and are committed to community values that engage the public in these efforts.

By promoting stewardship of the river and a better understanding of the river’s natural systems, the San Diego River Park Foundation, a community-based, nonprofit grassroots organization founded in 2001, is endeavoring to enhance the quality of life in San Diego.

“We would like to thank our partners Teen Volunteers in Action and the Mission Hills Garden Club for helping to make this newest mural project a reality,” said Rob Hutsel, executive director of the San Diego River Park Foundation.

TVIA and the San Diego River Park Foundation are dedicated to making this project a treasured regional asset that is valued by all members of the San Diego community.

Serving the north coastal communities of Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, Encinitas and Carlsbad, TVIA [] is an organization of young men committed to developing community leaders through a structured program of volunteerism, philanthropy and personal growth.

Founded in early 2000, TVIA was created by organizers as a way for parents and their sons to engage together in charitable service and leadership development. Teen Volunteers in Action: volunteering, changing lives.