Susan G. Komen for the Cure and four consulates of Mexico collaborate to promote health awareness and action among Hispanic women in the U.S.


Susan G. Komen for the Cure recently announced a partnership with four Consulates of Mexico in the United States to integrate breast health materials and education into its Ventanillas de Salud (Window of Health) program. The partnership will involve a new pilot program that aims to eliminate disparities in breast cancer mortality among Mexican, Mexican-American and Hispanic women in the U.S. The initial phase of the program will help build organizational capacity in four select markets to address key breast health barriers that are unique to Latino populations.

The Ventanillas de Salud (VDS) program was created by the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs of Mexico in 2003 and seeks to inform the Mexican and Latino community in topics such as health literacy, health prevention and health promotion. All 50 Mexican consulates in the United States have partnered with local nonprofit fiscal agencies to develop each local VDS. Komen has developed a pilot local model for collaboration – along with the Embassy of Mexico in the United States –between a core group of Ventanillas de Salud and Komen Affiliates in order to maximize community impact.

Komen will fund a total of $200,000 to four separate fiscal agencies that partner with Mexican Consulates to operate each local Ventanilla. The grants will not only integrate breast health materials into the VDS program, but also help the program increase their own capacity and reach into the community with breast cancer information. Organizations receiving the grants will work closely with their local Mexican Consulate and in some cases the local Komen Affiliate.

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