Rancho Santa Fe School District seeks help in superintendent search


On Friday, Feb. 5, the Rancho Santa Fe School District issued a request for proposal (RFP) for search firms to assist the board in selecting a new superintendent.

Superintendent Lindy Delaney is retiring effective July 1 after 12 years as the superintendent and 30 years with the district as a teacher, coach, and administrator.

According to the RFP, the board is looking for a firm that would assist in the solicitation of public, parent and staff input regarding the criteria for its new leader, help with advertising the vacancy, review of applications received and assistance with candidate interviews.

The district’s general counsel Richard Currier will also play an active role in the search, the RFP stated.

The superintendent search was a discussion item on the board’s Feb. 4 agenda and a well-attended parent forum was also held on the topic.

“The board is grappling with how to proceed,” Delaney said at the Feb. 4 meeting, noting the district has only had three superintendents since 1964. “They want to have as much public input on what is important to the parents as far as qualifications and the process. I feel like we have a great board in place to lead the process and take the time needed to make the best decision possible.”

“The goal is to get someone in place for many years,” said RSF School District Board Vice President Todd Frank. “We are trying to come up with the best way to enhance that reach. People want to know ‘how’s it going to happen?’ We all have that same feeling.”

Delaney said in her experience sitting in her seat for the last 12 years, the board should be mindful that the people in the district have a really good handle on what the district needs, better than an outsider.

RSF School District Board President Tyler Seltzer said he’s already received emails and comments and he encouraged people to continue to provide their insight as they look for the best possible replacement.

“As far as I’m concerned, no one will ever fill her shoes,” Seltzer said.