Sunny and Angel celebrate another year of health and happiness

Sunny and Angel

Helen Woodward Animal Center recently held a second birthday party March 31 for “miracle twin foals” Sunny and Angel. The extremely rare pair and their mother Lena, who gained worldwide attention through streaming video (and even their own Facebook fan club called “Foal Fanatics”), have been beloved members of the center since their arrival.

Followers may remember that mother Lena, a 9-year-old maiden, registered quarter horse, was expecting her first foal in late March. On the morning of March 28, Lena surprised everyone with twins. The twin birth was both a thrill and a concern for doctors who knew that their chances of survival were extremely slim. (Twin foals have about a one in 10,000 chance of surviving birth and only about a one in 15,000 chance of surviving their first two weeks of life.) The family was immediately rushed to Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Equine Hospital in hopes that all would be able to overcome the unbelievable odds. Once arriving Lena, Sunny and Angel, under the care of Dr. Rodrigo Vazquez of Equine Surgical Services along with the staff of the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Equine Hospital technicians, monitored the twins 24 hours a day. With round-the-clock- care, the foals have thrived and grown to become a lovely and entertaining pair. Mother Lena reunited with her foals at their Saturday celebration.