Rancho Santa Fe resident voices concerns about Stump’s closure


During public comment at the Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting on April 3, Rancho Santa Fe resident Lindsay Short said she hoped the Association could do something regarding the closure of Stump’s Village Market, which is set to leave by the end of 2015 after years of legal battles between the market and the landlord.

“The store was unique and it served all of us for many years with our unusual requests,” Short said.

Short said she was “deeply concerned” about the closure, as many residents opted to move close by to be able to walk to the community resource as they are no longer permitted to drive.

She said the RSF Association was able to find the funds to purchase the Osuna Ranch and wondered whether it would be possible for them to find the funds to purchase this necessity for the Village. Short proposed it could go to a community-wide vote.

As the item was not on the agenda, the board could not discuss Short’s request.

Stump’s departure will mark the first time there has been space available to rent in Plaza de Santa Fe since 1974. The building owner is interviewing six or seven potential replacement markets.