Statements in opinion letter don’t appear to be accurate


I read with great interest the letter written by Jim Boon in your Jan. 9 issue as he makes statements that I do not understand and am very certain they are

not accurate


He states that Covenant residents that have lived here for 20-plus years are paying $200 to $800 per year in RSF Association fees. I don’t know what anyone else who is a Covenant resident pays annually, but I have lived in the Covenant since 1987, nearly 27 years!

In 2013, my RSF Association fees were nearly $2,400 annually. So, it appears I have been overcharged, according to Mr. Boon’s analysis. Should I be submitting a request to the RSF Association for a refund? If, as his letter states, by volunteering or campaigning to serve on the board would get me a reduction in my annual RSF Association fees, where do I


Not wishing to create a controversy over this, I do think it would be an appropriate request to get a response from the RSF Association on this huge discrepancy in Association fees, assuming Mr. Boon is correct.


Claude Turner