SPOTLIGHT: Up Close and Personal with ‘The Spa At The Inn’ in Rancho Santa Fe


By Janet Lawless Christ

Want another reason to love Rancho Santa Fe? We’re now home to one of the most luxurious and unique spas in the greater San Diego area. I sat down with Spa Director Brenda Martin for an exclusive insight into what makes

The Spa At The Inn

one of the most inviting and relaxing getaways right in our own backyard.

Here are the top 3 reasons to visit The Covenant’s latest and greatest addition.


We already know that going to the spa is a relaxing experience no matter where you go. But when it comes to getting the very best, most specific treatment, other spas fall flat. Instead, at

The Spa At The Inn

, each treatment is literally hand-crafted and well-thought out to provide the most unique and fulfilling experience for every single guest. Treatments are not necessarily catered so much to the hotel patron as much as they are for the Rancho Santa Fe local. That means residents can enjoy something truly spectacular right here at home.

“We make each treatment purposeful for our clients,” Brenda told me. “We have a philosophy of being the center of the community of Rancho Santa Fe.”


As I got to learn about the spa, I was impressed with its specific core treatments. Brenda let me in on a little secret, too – everything is customized right down to the very last detail. For instance, The Spa’s “Rancher” massage and facial series are specific for men. Addressing fatigue in the legs first, the massage starts with the hamstrings and back of the legs, finishing off with the perfect back, neck and shoulder massage. Nettle extract is used on the scalp during the facial, stimulating hair growth in the process. Men, rejoice!


Taking a cue from its restaurant counterpart,

The Spa At The Inn

changes its treatment offerings regularly, offering residents of The Covenant something special every quarter. The Spa draws its inspiration from “The Coast,” “The Grove” and, of course, “The Ranch.” Coastal offerings include stone massages and seaweed specialties. Treatments from “The Grove” focus on luxurious, beneficial citrus and avocado remedies that address issues like dull or dry skin. And finally, treatments from “The Ranch” are completely unique, full-bodied and luxurious reflections of our community – take for example the lavish Emu oil and Aloe Vera wrap. Its unique ingredients and soothing properties are bar none impressive and worth a try. When it comes to representing Rancho Santa Fe,

The Spa At The Inn

sparkles with authenticity.

The Spa At The Inn

celebrated its soft opening July 12 and doors are now open. Find it at 5951Linea Del Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe or by logging onto

Have you visited the spa yet? Leave me your comments (and favorite treatment) below!