Solana Santa Fe Ocean Week


Solana Santa Fe recently held its annual Ocean Week event at the elementary school. Throughout the week, students participated in a variety of ocean-related activities organized by parent volunteer Holly Bauer and third grade teacher Allison Lazerus. This year’s theme was Superheroes of the Sea: Ocean Man vs. The Plastic Bag Monster. Students were taught how plastic bags harms marine life and they were encouraged to protect the ocean and its creatures. Highlights included a presentation by I Love A Clean San Diego; an assembly about sharks taught by Ocean Adventures; and a comic contest where students created their own ocean superheroes (winners were announced in the May 31 issue of the Rancho Santa Fe Review).

The school also held a Day Without A Bag Contest, coordinated by parent volunteer Wee-nah Ferraro, which encouraged families to refrain from using plastic bags. Two classes tied for the lead, with 95 per cent of the students bringing their lunches in re-usable containers and refillable water bottles. Both classes had a sea turtle adopted in their honor. Overall, the school used 70 per cent less plastic and every child received a canvas bag donated by Jimbos.

Photos/Lisa Sullivan/Sullivan Studios.