Solana Santa Fe Chess Club


The Solana Santa Fe Chess Club recently completed its winter session taught by Mountain Lake Chess Club. Owned and operated by International Chess Master Larry Evans, the students were taught how to play as well as the history of chess.

“Chess is not just a game,” said Caryn Boxer, one of the instructors. “It provides skills that are forever attached to your future. You learn organizational skills and with that comes planning ahead, deductive reasoning, social etiquette and patience.”

Boxer, who taught the students with Patrick O’Malley, said that besides having fun in a social atmosphere, the students are provided tools that may be applied throughout their lives. More information regarding upcoming classes, youth chess tournaments, and summer chess camps is available on the Mountain Lake Chess Camp website: or call (800) 675-1227 or (619) 585-1050.

Special congratulations to this season’s “top of their class” achievement.

Patrick O’Malley — Instructor Caryn Boxer — Instructor

Intermediate/Advanced Players; Beginner Players;

Alexander Balikian 1st Place Jasper Jain 1st Place

Beau Lefferdink 2nd Place Luke Allen 1st Place

Jaxon Hamson 3rd Place Jay Leng 2nd Place

William Finlay 3rd Place