Selling Your Home: 5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent


By Patricia Kramer and Patricia Lou Martin

If you’re ready to sell your home, you probably want to do so quickly with a skilled professional guiding you throughout the process so it’s smooth and error-free. But when it comes to hiring a stand-out real estate agent, it’s a good idea to ask questions before you commit.

Real estate agents aren’t one-size-fits all. The best agent knows how to sell your type of home quickly, saving you money in the process, while serving as a liaison to make sure your best interests are met. To make the most of your successful real estate sale, be sure to ask these 5 essential questions before you sign a seller’s contract.

  1. How many people have you worked within the last year in this area?

It’s a good idea to select an agent that is active in local real estate since they will have a clear understanding of market conditions, even down to the neighborhood. In our quickly evolving seller’s market, an experienced agent will know how to effectively price your home so it moves quickly while maximizing top dollar in your favor. Real estate agents that specialize in your city and neighborhood can offer unique insight and knowledge that an otherwise broadly-located agent cannot offer.

  1. Do you have a specialty?

To move your real estate quickly, you’ll want to find an agent that specializes in the type of real estate you own. For example, if you own luxury real estate at a premium price point, it’s essential you hire an agent that specializes in luxury home sales in San Diego. Of course, if you own a condo, townhouse, horse property, rental property or another form of real estate, selecting a specialist in the field is a solid way to gain additional leverage when selling your home.

  1. How will you market my property?

Marketing your property is a huge piece of the pie when it comes to moving your home quickly. Ask your real estate agent how he or she intends to advertise your home and if it’s spread across print, digital or other mediums of advertising. You may also want to inquire on the type of marketing collateral (fliers, direct mail or print advertising) produced for your home. Marketing is especially important for luxury homes since it takes lots of visibility and a special buyer to move the home quickly. These days, social media channels (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) also play a role in home sales, so ask your agent about how the property is advertised digitally.

  1. Tell me about your team?

A real estate agent should have an excellent support team behind their efforts. Mortgage brokers, home inspectors, team coordinators and contractors all work to make the home buying process easier, so it’s a good idea to ask what type of connections the agent has in case you need special resources.

  1. How often will we communicate?

One of the best questions to ask your agent is about his or her communication preferences including how often and whether by email, phone or even text. Knowing these details ahead of time ensures that your expectations will be likely met with little to no surprises for the future of your relationship.

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Here’s to the successful sale of your San Diego home!