Selling Luxury Real Estate in San Diego


By Patricia Kramer & Patricia Lou Martin

Most luxury homeowners want to sell their properties at top dollar within the shortest amount of time. As specialists in luxury real estate property, we understand this concept very well – but just like any successful idea, it takes a lot of work to achieve this goal.

The truth is that selling luxury real estate quickly requires a lot of work behind the scenes. Thanks in part to a recent blog post at


, here’s glimpse into what it takes to sell your luxury real estate quickly and at the highest price possible.

Premium Marketing Tools

Any real estate agent can place a listing on the multiple listing service (MLS). But to really move luxury real estate in San Diego, you must pull out all the stops. Because we understand that selling premium property requires special marketing, only the most unique promotional efforts are used to market our listings. Virtual tours, professional photography, home staging, impressive open houses, and recommendations on physical improvements to the structure of the home (e.g., landscaping, painting or additions) can make all the difference in a successful sale at the very best possible price.

Creative Wording

The power of suggestion is an essential part of selling luxury real estate in San Diego. Descriptions like “amazing view” and “chef’s kitchen” fall short when it comes to depicting the luxury lifestyle. Instead, a real estate agent must help prospective buyers imagine their lives in the home. Phrases like “cascading waterfalls and a world-class infinity pool rivals any other view in San Diego” give buyers a sense of how luxurious life could be if they lived in that home. Real estate agents must ensure all marketing materials shine with sparkling copy that successfully depicts a grandeur lifestyle.

Pre-Approved Showings

It truly takes a special buyer to acquire a $10 million dollar home. So, when it comes to private showings of the home, it’s essential a real estate agent ask for proof of funds, a pre-approval letter or even a background check to view high-end real estate in San Diego. Most sellers can agree to the fact that only serious buyers should be entitled to a private showing, not only for the sake of moving property quickly but to ensure privacy of the home.

Active Market

Luxury real estate is selling. Just like other lower priced properties, sellers can expect a successful sale with the right real estate agent due in part to San Diego’s seller’s market. Relatively low inventory and pent-up demand can translate to a quick sale at the best possible dollar even for luxury real estate. The key, though, is listing your home at today’s values and working with a real estate agent specializing in luxury property.

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