Scott Union reconnects to La Jolla with highest price condo sale in town’s history

This condo on Coast  Boulevard sold for $6,200,000.
This condo on Coast Boulevard sold for $6,200,000.

Is  the  real  estate  market  recovering?  That  seems  to  be  the  question  of  the  day  since   sales   activity   began   picking   up   earlier   this   year.   Well,   the   answer   seems   to   be   a   resounding  YES!  Scott  Union  of  Union  West  Real  Estate  has  been  involved  in  30 percent  (three   out  of  10)  of  the over  $4,000,000  sales  this  year  according  to  Sandicor  MLS   including  the  largest  residential  condo  sale (photos at left)  in  La  Jolla’s  history  on  Coast  Boulevard  for  $6,200,000

Union  began  his  real  estate  career  just  down  the  street  at  321  Coast   Boulevard  in  1980,  initially  as  a  sales  person and  later  as  Director  of  Marketing  and Sales  at  Casa  De  La  Playa.  After  moving  his  office  to  Rancho  Santa  Fe  in  1995  he  lost   touch  with  the  La  Jolla  market  until  returning  with  a  flourish  this  year  as  evidenced   by   sales   of   $4,600,000   in   La   Jolla   Farms   and   $4,100,000   on   Lookout   Drive   in   addition   to   the   record -setting   $6,200,000   on   Coast   Blvd.

Union   says   “in   previous   market  downturns  La  Jolla  seemed  to  always  lead  the  other  markets  back,  so  I  felt  I   was   important   to   reconnect   with   my   La Jolla   roots   and   take   advantage   of   the   excellent  values  currently  available,  especially  in  the  higher  price  points.  With  the   stock  market  nearly  back  to  it’s  original  value,  bonds  returning  low  yields  with  ever   increasing  risks,  bank  deposits  paying  sub  1 percent  and  gold  well  over  $1,500  an  ounce   the  smart  money  is  returning  to real  estate.”

Union can be reached at 858-756-0362 ,Ext #1;