School board says no to district annexation request


The Rancho Santa Fe School District board rejected a proposal to annex a Cielo community from the Escondido Union School District into Rancho Santa Fe.

Parent Michael Hunley made the request to move the boundary line 600 feet to include 13 vacant lots and 14 homes. His community currently includes three elementary school-age children, two students about to graduate high school and one 2-year-old child. Currently his children have to commute about 30 minutes to get to school in Escondido.

RSF School Board President Jim Depolo said that there was a lot of discussion about changing the boundaries when Cielo was built but as there has been a long history of where the district boundaries are drawn, it was not changed.

“I don’t know if it’s in the interest of the school district to change them,” Depolo said.