San Diego luxury real estate: a commitment worth making for forward-thinking investors


By Patricia Kramer and Patricia Lou Martin

Luxury properties may seem like an unattainable (or just plain impractical) indulgence in our current housing market; but according to a recent

USA Today

article citing expert commentary from renowned real estate developer Nick Candy, top-notch homes in exclusive locales can in some cases be a smart investment. Based on Candy’s logic, investors with adequate capital and the willingness to make a long-term commitment can secure lasting value in the form of high-end London, New York or even

San Diego luxury real estate

  1. The only catch? Buyers must invest only in “the very best.”

When it comes to investing in a luxury home, Candy urges buyers to choose properties with heirloom value: in other words, homes at once unique and distinguished by timeless quality and location benefits that will remain in demand for generations to come. A London townhouse in Knightsbridge, a classic Manhattan apartment or a Southern California ranch or coastal estate could all fit the bill: what matters most is the longevity of the neighborhood amenities and the true luxury of the property in question. Here in San Diego, our perpetually warm climate and enviable proximity to world-class beaches, surf spots, golf courses and resorts add up to create a locale that will never go out of style. And while not every luxury home is built to stand the test of time, buyers can find premier properties with staying power by soliciting the services of an experienced local real estate agent.
From ranch to coast, San Diego offers buyers a wealth of options

Whether your tastes tend towards the spectacular ocean views afforded by a beachfront estate in Oceanside or Carlsbad, or whether they yearn for the sprawling beauty and seclusion of Rancho Santa Fe, our talented and knowledgeable team at

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can help you locate the best luxury investment for your lifestyle – today, tomorrow and for years to come. With an intimate knowledge of the San Diego area and information on stunning Encinitas, Solana Beach and

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, among others, our brokers are an ideal helpmate for investors seeking qualified guidance and discerning advice for navigating the San Diego luxury real estate market.

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