San Diego housing market conditions pose prime opportunity for sellers


By John Lefferdink

In past articles, we have pointed out the many opportunities available in today’s

San Diego housing market

for prospective buyers due to historically low interest rates and reduced housing prices. However, the good news for sellers is that limited inventory and rising buyer demand in light of these conditions also constitute a window of opportunity for anyone looking to put their home on the market. As of January 2012, real estate inventory throughout San Diego was unusually low compared to annual standards. There were 12,000 homes on the market with 2,000 sales. That equates to a six-month supply of inventory: in a healthy market, there should be a nine to twelve-month supply. This spring is an ideal time to put San Diego homes up for sale and with the right staging and home remodeling strategies in place, sellers can hope to reap the best possible price and enjoy the benefits of burgeoning economic growth.

Home renovations and professional staging: expert tips for a successful sale

Preparing to put your home on the market can be a stressful process. It is important to make improvements and enhance curbside appeal in order to produce the best impression for prospective buyers. First and foremost, homeowners should take stock of their property and initiate any home improvements that are necessary for salability. Such projects may include painting, new flooring, driveway repair or resurfacing, kitchen upgrades and landscaping. An experienced real estate agent can help guide you towards upgrades that will have the greatest impact on marketability and also provide the best return on investment over time. In addition, sellers must also emotionally detach from their property and transition the space from an intimate and personal interior to a marketable product – clean, stylish and simple. Real estate agents can refer homeowners to professional designers with experience staging rooms and even whole residences.

Like detailing a car before putting it up for sale, staging your home is an essential step towards maximizing value and attracting serious buyers.

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