RSF mental performance coach featured in new movie ‘Tapping the Source’


By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

Rancho Santa Fe mental performance coach Dave Austin is featured in a new movie titled “Tapping the Source,” a sequel to the hit movie and book “The Secret.” In the film, 115 renowned entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, health experts, scientists, actors, athletes, authors and philanthropists reveal the source of their lasting happiness and extraordinary success.

Austin also produced the music for the film. One of the songs in the movie, “Shine,” was written and performed by his 21-year-old son Shane.

“I hope for it to have an effect on people and help people change for the better,” Austin said.

“It’s been an interesting time the last few years, we’ve all been affected by the economy…When people see the movie I think it will be powerful and uplifting. There isn’t any obstacle too big in life, there is a bigger purpose.”

The movie premiered on Friday, Nov. 12, at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City.

The 115 people featured in the film, along, with Austin include author Victor Villasenor; Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape Center; Olympic gold medalist Shaun White; actress Mariel Hemingway; and Rancho Santa Fe resident John Assaraf, who was also featured in “The Secret.”

The interviews are powerful, Austin said, with people who have found great success in the categories of business, courage, adversity, arts and sports.

“115 people speak as one voice,” Austin said. “You come away from [the film] with the most important thing in life, it’s about happiness. “

Austin’s interviews are shown during the sports and courage sections of the film. In the courage section, Austin talks about what he went through 12 years ago when he was told he was going to lose his wife and his son Daniel as there were complications in his son’s birth.

“My wife was a pillar of strength,” Austin said, describing how she had surrendered to a greater power and assured him and herself that they would get through whatever happened. They did.

His “miracle child” Daniel is now a healthy, happy 12-year-old attending R. Roger Rowe School.

Austin expects the movie to follow the path of “The Secret” film, which was shown in screenings across the country. It will also be available for people to purchase online.

In addition to the movie, Austin is working on a TV show called “Beyond the Field: Players of Faith” about professional athletes who find success through their faith and positive thinking.

“Everyone picks up on the negative because that’s what sells,” Austin said. “I want to shift that.”

While Austin works with a lot of professional athletes as clients, this season he’s been sharing his methods with some local amateurs: the Torrey Pines High School football team.

After some down seasons where the Falcons finished 3-7 and 2-8, the team narrowly missed going undefeated this season, finishing 9-1 after Friday night’s loss to La Costa Canyon, earning a bye in the first round of the CIF Division 1 playoffs.

Austin said he doesn’t take all the credit for their success—he just gives them the elements and the team and coaching staff have to “buy in” and commit.

“It’s really been fun working with them,” Austin said. “They’re a super group of guys and they’ve really latched on to the philosophy.”

“Tapping the Source” is available online at