RSF Association President’s Corner: Update on Covenant issues


PhilipBy Philip Wilkinson, Rancho Santa Fe Association President

The main takeaways from the RSF Association’s Board of Directors meeting held on March 20 were:

•Approximately 70 members registered to vote since the board’s voter registration initiative began three weeks ago. The board asked counsel to investigate the feasibility of making every Covenant member automatically registered to vote; a complex issue given roughly one third of the Covenant parcels are held in a trust or in a corporation and it is difficult to determine who’s the representative of that entity without that person coming forward and registering to vote.

•The Garden Club purchase voter’s ballot and accompanying information letter was approved as were three election volunteers to assist the Election Inspector in the counting of the votes after 5 p.m. on May 5.

•The Golf Club’s updated bylaws and plan of operation were approved subject to legal review.

•Some members voiced concerns about the upcoming Farmers Market (approved March 3, 2014), and the board communicated it will be establishing an oversight committee to address these concerns.

•The board reviewed its current projects and priorities, including the annual budget, member requests, establishing a permanent Compensation Committee, an extensive human resources policy review, launching a new web site, the Osuna Adobe renovation project, an intersection study, a pool and fitness center study, Golf Club Master Plan among other initiatives...suffice to say, your all-volunteer board is very busy.

• web site was launched last week so add the site to your favorites and look for important news and information on your HOA. A special thanks to all those who played a role in the new Association web site launch, especially Director Craig McAllister, Vice President Rochelle Putnam, and Acting Manager Ivan Holler and Assistant planner Chris Livoni.

•Lastly, the Covenant Design and Review Committee (CDRC), formerly known as the Art Jury, has experienced a dramatic increase in building application submittals year to date, and Robert Green, building commissioner, estimates that based on the current run rate there will be over 550 applications (agenda items) this year; the most since 2007. Robert Green and Shannon Mountain do a terrific job handling the building application process, working with members and the CDRC to process these building applications. Since 2008 there have been over 2,100 building applications, and to Robert’s (and the CDRC’s) credit there have only been 30 mediations which have all been resolved with the homeowners. Thanks to the CRDC and Robert for managing the Covenant’s building permit review and maintaining the Covenant’s historic character.