Robotic giraffe to visit Rancho Santa Fe School Science Discovery Day

The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation is supporting the annual Science Discovery Day at R. Roger Rowe School, to be held from 8:15 a.m.-3 p.m. April 3. Exploring science is an exciting and wondrous part of a child’s life and this day is focused on providing the students with fun learning and discovering opportunities.

To ignite the sparks of curiosity, the well-tuned program will include these workshops:

• Magnificent Magnets: Explore the magic of magnets and watch how they work.

• Fun with the Sun: Build your own working UV necklaces that harness sun power!

• Watershed Wonders: Guided by the pros at San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, gain an understanding of watersheds and how they work.

• Fantastic Forces: Interested in how a roller coaster works? The Fleet Science Center will explain how laws of motion are used to make that happen.

• Gel Electrophoresis: Led by the talented scientists of the Salk Institute, conduct experiments with DNA by running gel electrophoresis.

One highlight of this year’s Science Discovery Day is a visit from the one-and-only 17-foot-tall robotic electric giraffe, “Russell.” This artistic and impressively engineered robot has been busy traveling around the country and was even present at the White House Maker Faire with President Obama.

The Maker Faire event was created because, as the president stated, this country needs to focus on math and science education to help the manufacturing industry in our country. Students will work with the brains behind the “Raffe” to learn how these large-scale robots are built. It’s sure to be something the students talk about (and find inspiration in) for days to come.

Volunteer opportunities are available for friends and family. Contact Science Discovery Day chairs Lisa Russeth or Ken Buechler to find out how to participate.

— Submitted press release