Romance, realism and perpetual light: a treat for the senses this holiday season


By Leigh Timmons

Throughout the winter months, light is at a premium; and even here in San Diego, the holidays bring with them a season of shorter days and darker skies. Naturally, we tend to compensate with everything we can – from candles to Christmas lights to glittering party dresses; and here at the gallery, we’re joining in this year with a

fine art exhibit

featuring John Asaro, a contemporary master of the lively unpredictability of light as it plays upon both the inanimate world and the lively motion of the human form.

In his latest series, “100 Dancers,” Asaro traces and follows the light as it touches and highlights each dancer’s figure in various stages of movement and repose: and whether your interest in fine art stems from a collector’s sensibilities or a simple creative curiosity, you’ll find an illuminating experience in store at our highly anticipated exhibition of the artist’s recent works.

“100 Dancers” captures vitality, sparkle of creative expression

After decades of experience in the art world, as recounted in our previous


on the subject of Asaro’s work, the artist reaffirms his place among the great impressionistic painters of our day with his most recent body of paintings. The scenes from “100 Dancers” glide from classroom to performance hall to backstage, revealing to the viewer all the subtle nuances of movement and light as they change in keeping with each dancer’s state of being. In each piece, Asaro’s commitment to recreating the graceful forms of his creative subjects shines through; and together with an inherently musical quality (informed, no doubt, by the artist’s penchant for listening to orchestral arrangements as he works), it is this passion that sets John Asaro’s dynamically romantic paintings apart -- and distinguishes him as a truly fine talent among the 21


century’s greatest living artists.

A “dream” of an exhibition, on now at Timmons Galleries in Rancho Santa Fe

Ever since I first became acquainted with John Asaro’s work, I have loved and admired his paintings; and as a gallery owner, I have long dreamt of exhibiting Asaro’s artworks myself. Now, after nearly ten years, that dream has come true: and it is my sincere pleasure to welcome the

San Diego art

community to my gallery for an exhibit that couldn’t be more fitting in a season where light and life reign together supreme.

After an initial exhibit opening earlier this fall, we now have ten additional paintings from Asaro’s “100 Dancers” collection on display at Timmons Galleries. These stunning originals are available for purchase at unprecedented prices – making this exhibit the opportunity of a lifetime for art collectors and enthusiasts alike. To learn more about John Asaro and get information about gallery hours, exhibitions and events, visit us online: