Revitalized Inn at Rancho Santa Fe set to bring added character, value to Rancho Santa Fe homes


By Janet Lawless Christ

In April of this year, JMI Realty purchased the historic Inn at Rancho Santa Fe with plans to revive the hotel while maintaining a strong connection with the local community. Central to the company’s plans are improvements designed around the 1920’s structure itself, rather than adherence to any corporate brand – a commitment that stands to bring added value to nearby

Rancho Santa Fe homes

and businesses while simultaneously preserving a beloved local landmark.

Originally built in 1922 by the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company as a client guesthouse, the hacienda-style inn has moved through several owners and incarnations before it’s latest sale to JMI. Though well maintained, as JMI president and CEO John Kratzer told the


earlier this year, the Inn has not received any major upgrades for years. Given the prime location and distinctive character of the property – located as it is in a prime area where few similar opportunities make their way onto the market – Kratzer rightly notes that improvements to the Inn will bring it up to speed with the high-end North County market. The only trick? Blending subtle and impressive changes to suit the unique character of the property.

Fortunately for Rancho Santa Fe locals, JMI is eager to flexible and inventive when it comes to making the right choices for The Inn. While possible upgrades include an updated spa and state-of-the-art technological resources for hotel guests, Kratzer insists that his team is both mindful and respectful of The Inn’s longstanding history – both as a historic building and as an established meeting place within the community.

Ranch & Coast Magazine

reports that, rather than seeking to re-brand the hotel, JMI intends to embrace The Inn’s legacy, expanding on its role as a popular meeting place with new ideas that might include anything from “croquet and Champagne on the front lawn to barbecues in a nearby citrus grove where trail riders can tie up for a casual lunch.” Regardless of the details, the overall objective will be to make The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe more appealing to both out-of-town guests and locals seeking a place to put up visiting friends and family – all while remaining open during renovations to accommodate the community and maintain transparency during the makeover process.

Coming home to Rancho Santa Fe: where character, history and community meet

Whether you are a long-time Rancho Santa Fe homeowner, a frequent visitor or a newcomer to our charming village, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has been, and always will be, a beacon of hospitality, history and community – now just better and brighter than ever before. Here in San Diego, we are so lucky to live in a place with unparalleled beauty and character, and to welcome visitors knowing that, whether they stay in our own homes or in premier accommodations like those at The Inn, we can show them some of the best restaurants, golf clubs, shopping, events, weather and views imaginable throughout the entire West Coast. Let’s move into this holiday season giving thanks for the good things in Rancho Santa Fe life. And for those who would like to join us, learn more about community clubs, organizations and real estate today by visiting