Retirement Party for former Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager Pete Smith a sell-out


Former RSF Association Manger Pete Smith’s retirement party, honoring his 23 years of service to the covenant, given by the “Friends of Pete Committee” was a sell-out.

Walt Ekard, former Chief Administrative Officer at the County of San Diego and former RSF Association manager, kicked off the party at the RSF Golf Club on Nov. 1 with comments and a song to 200 covenant members and county and state officials.

On behalf of California Senator Mark Wyland, former Assemblyman Martin Garrick presented Pete Smith with a Certificate of Recognition from the California Senate in recognition of his 23 years of service to the Rancho Santa Fe community, as well as an American flag that flew over the State Capital building. Among County officials in attendance were: San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox, San Diego Chief Administrative Officer Helen Robbins-Meyer, San Diego County Counsel Tom Montgomery and Supervisor Bill Horn’s Chief of Staff Dustin Steiner.

Bill Hinchy and Bill Beckman, former Association board presidents, presented Pete Smith with a hand-crafted box donated by Bill Beckman and inscribed with this sentiment:

“In Grateful Recognition to

Pete Smith

For Your 23 Years of Service to the

Rancho Santa Fe Association

As Manager of the Rancho Santa Fe Association you have created and led an outstanding staff. Your professionalism, dedication, and personal touch will be greatly missed. We thank you for being such an extraordinary friend to our community.

Best wishes on your retirement.

From the Many Friends and Fans of Pete Smith

November 1, 2014”

The program was highlighted by a song “A Not so Unusual Day” emphasizing the many hats Pete has worn around town as he interacted with the various RSF clubs and organizations during his tenure and ended with the words “for your very engaging, 23 years of hectic and tiring, always inspiring, not so unusual day!” written by Marie Addario, former Association board president, accompanied by Jeff Brown, and performed by the ladies of the planning committee — all former RSF Association board and committee officers: Deb Plummer, Anne Feighner, Midgie VandenBerg, Kathy Stumm, Patty Queen, Franci Free, Roxana Foxx, Suzie Schaefer and Candace Humber. The planning committee also included former board presidents Bill Beckman, Bill Hinchy, Jim Ashcraft and former Golf Club president Vearl Smith.

In keeping with the historic community’s ranchero theme, a delicious Mexican buffet was served and colorful arrangements of fall flowers by Franci Free with colorful scarves decorated the tables. A Mariachi band provided by Anne Feighner McCarthy roused the crowd.

Smith thanked all present for making his career in the Ranch a beautiful memory and hinted of his professional plans for the future. He then thanked his family and especially his wife Deb and presented her with a bouquet of fall flowers.

Someone said upon departing, “It was just a great feeling to be able to honor Pete, in the way he should be honored for his dedication and service to our community, and a reminder how many of us are committed to keeping the congeniality and fellowship alive, well and living in the covenant.”

Photos by Jon Clark and McKenzie Images