Record number of Rancho Santa Fe School students earn perfect scores on STAR tests


By Karen Billing

Rancho Santa Fe School District Superintendent Lindy Delaney honored 48 students on Sept. 12 who achieved perfect scores on their STAR tests, the highest number of perfect scores in one year that the district has ever had.

“It’s pretty hard to be perfect,” Delaney told the students. “Sometimes you work really hard and don’t get perfect but on this day you tried your best and [the results were perfect].”

Three students achieved perfect scores in both their English language arts (ELA) and math STAR tests: Corey Lochan, Seraphine Bustillos and Malcolm McDonough, who also scored perfect on the math test for the second year in a row.

Students received certificates and shook hands with the school board members. Board members Tyler Seltzer and Todd Frank were especially proud of two of the perfect score students: Seltzer’s third grade son Luke and Frank’s fourth grade daughter Danielle.

Students who achieved a perfect score of 600 on their ELA STAR tests included: Joseph Dlugos and Luke Seltzer.

Perfect in the math STAR:

Betsy Haas, Natalie Licosati, Harry O’Shea, Addison Flanagan, Sophia Fox, Danielle Frank, Logan Johnson, Jacob Malter, Alexandra Nicholas, Natalie Nicholas, Pierce Rosenblatt (three years in a row in math), David Scuba, Javeed Shapouri, Henry Sidwell, Lily Smith, JT Young, Dax Kay (three years in a row in math), Zachary Kindel, Kelly Slosar, Katherine Arnold, Rocco Cappetta, Conrad Delgado, Weston Dlugos, Andrew Douglass, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Ella Fox, Hannah Loly (two years in a row in math), Lucas Luwa, David Maldonado (two years in a row in math), Ella Rosenblatt, Shannon Buss, Ryan Curcio, Gabrielle Nguyen, Natalie Slosar (three years in a row in math), Jackson Tuck and Natalie Shugert.

Perfect in the science STAR:

Blanca Agustin, Spencer Boat, Nicole Buss, Lily Klinek, Erin McBurnett, Christian Wong and Tiffany Zhang.