Reality TV producers and networks want ‘your reality’


Former Merv Griffin TV executive turned Internet entrepreneur Scott Manville knows not everyone is given the keys to a career in Hollywood. But with the help of a professional “Escape Artist” turned TV star, Manville’s new service has picked the lock of Hollywood’s closed door, answering the call of TV producers who are feverishly searching for real people whose lives, professions, passions and expertise will make great fodder for new Reality TV programming.

Born from the minds of Manville, and Steve Santini (“The World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist,” author, collector, and creator/star of his own television series currently airing on several international networks worldwide), the duo already has senior executives at companies such as Discovery Communications, a powerhouse broadcaster in the world of Reality TV, using the site as a direct connection to anyone in the world whose life, profession, or expertise may be right for TV. The newly launched site allows Reality TV executives and casting producers to view profiles and discover people, businesses, and properties to develop, cast, or integrate into new television programs.

“The hottest shows in Reality TV today are born from the unique lives, professions, and expertise of real people,” said Manville, adding, “We’re reaching out on behalf of the industry executives who now want a centralized source to discover those people and their worlds.”

Santini’s vision and contribution for this service comes from his own real-world experience in production. He explains, “During production on my own show, I constantly saw the need for an effective and time-efficient way for production staff to find people to appear on camera, locations available and suitable to shoot at, and experts to offer insightful opinions on camera.” Adding, “Our service not only delivers for these numerous needs encountered daily, but also provides those wishing to break into the industry a direct platform to promote themselves, their lives, occupations, and even property they may own for use by television industry professionals.”

Santini’s success in bringing his own hobbies and profession to television was a result of using Manville’s flagship service, the TV Writers Vault, and is a textbook example of the opportunities now found within the industry at

Beyond turning people’s lives and businesses into new reality shows, connects owners of homes, vehicles and venues, with producers scouting locations and props to rent at a premium for use in shows. That amazing luxury estate, exotic car, restaurant, from the low-end to high-end, are critical elements in every frame of television watched, and producers now have a broader reach through to find what they need.

Manville and Santini have already set the preliminary groundwork to replicate the service in key foreign markets of the television industry. For more information, visit