Real Estate Therapy: Keep Calm and Close the Deal


By Janet Lawless Christ

When I say “real estate agent,” what comes to mind? Negotiation skills, knowledge of property values, marketing… therapist?


The truth is that real estate is an emotional business. The process of buying a home is tied to money, shelter, expectations and dreams— as human beings, we have a genuine connection to the place where we call home. So when it comes to listening and being the soundboard that is so necessary to finding the perfect home, only a few real estate agents can deliver. Therapy, after all, is a tall order.

So, how exactly does therapy come into play when buying a home? It all boils down to knowing your clients and talking – a lot of talking.

In many cases, being a real estate agent often requires that you know your clients better than they know themselves. Sometimes clients will fall in love with a certain aspect of a house, like a gorgeous backyard or breathtaking views, and become so smitten with the home that they forget certain important details such as location or square footage. As a real estate agent, it’s my job to see the big picture in the situation and provide guidance – just as a therapist would do. Of course, I want to sell them a home, but I only want to sell them the home that’s right for them.

On the other hand, some clients may feel too stressed or in the wrong state of mind to see the beauty of a potential property. If I feel that my clients aren’t really seeing the property for what it is, I’ll save it for another time or day – and only if they are later open to the possibility. In other words, I try to be the voice of reason. After all, when it comes to buying real estate all you need to remember is

keep calm and close the deal!

And when I say, “be the best, do the most,” I mean it. I take this motto heart every day whether at work or play. And, when coupled with a little real estate therapy, it’s a total win-win situation for everyone. It’s why I went into this business!

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